Sometimes landlords reach a point where they would like their tenants to move out of their property so that they can use it for themselves, list it for sale, find new tenants at a higher rent, or for various other reasons. In British Columbia, the rules surrounding asking tenants to leave are very particular. Certain […]


First of all, breaking your lease is a serious matter. A tenancy agreement is a legal document, a contract between parties, who are bound to the terms of the contract. Just as if you would expect to be compensated if a landlord told you, “I need you to move out in two weeks” (which most […]


Every twelve months, a landlord can raise rent by an amount set out by the government of BC. The allowable amount is based on the consumer price index (based on the rate of inflation), plus two percent. Landlords can also apply to the Residential Tenancy Branch for rent increases above the allowable amount, and in […]